Here are the Theme Songs and Hymns for 2017 in Northeastern Conference and Global Prayer Ministries. Our theme for 2017 is "Moving Forward in Faith: Reformation and Affirmation."  Please note: we will be adding more files in the coming days as we work to make all Prayer Ministry resources available.

All 2017 Theme Songs and Hymns found here

January Hymns, 2017.
Theme: Friendship Evangelism
All hymns for January found: here 

Individual Hymns for January:

Throw Out the Lifeline
Winning Precious Souls to Thee
Jesus Saves
Whosoever Will
Holy Day Jehovah's Rest - Sabbath Song

February Hymns, 2017.
Theme: Family Life
All hymns for February found: here 

Individual Hymns for February:

The Family of God
Praise the Saviour -  In honour of Aunt Jessie
The Love of God
Oh Perfect Love
Our Father By Whose Name
Another Six Days' Work is Done - Sabbath Song

March Hymns, 2017
Theme: Women in the Church
All hymns for March found: here

Individual Hymns for March:
Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Lead Me to Calvary
So Send I You
So Send I You - Missionary Version
I'd Rather Have Jesus
How Sweet the Light of Sabbath Eve - Sabbath Song

April Hymns, 2017
Theme: Stewardship
All hymns for April found: here

Individual Hymns for April:
Take My Life and Let it Be
Come Thou Fount
Have Thine Own Way
Take the World But Give Me Jesus
How Sweet Upon a Sacred Day (Sabbath Song) 

May Hymns, 2017
Theme: Community Services
All hymns for May found: here

Individual Hymns for May:
I Would Be Like Jesus
Nothing Between
Open My Eyes That I May See
I Gave My Life for Thee
The Sun Rolls Down (Sabbath Song)

June Hymns, 2017
Theme: Church Growth
All hymns for June found: here

Individual Hymns for June:
Dare to be a Daniel
America the Beautiful
Wonderful Grace of Jesus
The Ninety and Nine
The Dawn of God's Dear Sabbath (Sabbath Song)

July Hymns, 2017
Theme: Adventist Lifestyle
All hymns for July found: here

Individual Hymns for July:
Oh Happy Day
The Strife is O'er
Oh Master Let Me Walk with Thee
Depth of Mercy
Crowning Jewel of Creation (Sabbath Song)

August Hymns, 2017
Theme: Spiritual Gifts
All hymns for August found: here

Individual Hymns for August:
Far and Near the Fields are Teeming
Crown Him with Many Crowns
I Love to Tell the Story
Ye Must Be Born Again
This Is the Day of Rest (Sabbath Song)

September Hymns, 2017
Theme: Health
All hymns for September found: here

Individual Hymns for September: 
I Sing the Mighty Power of God
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Sweet Peace the Gift of God’s Love
Jesus Calls Us
Oh Day of Rest and Gladness (Sabbath Song)

October Hymns, 2017
Theme: Adventist Heritage
All hymns for October found: here

Individual Hymns for October: 
Who Is on the Lord's Side
In the Sanctuary
Be Still and Know that I am God
I Have Set My Mind on Another Time
Hail Happy Day (Sabbath Song)

November Hymns, 2017
Theme: Prayer
All hymns for November found: here

Individual Hymns for November: 
Look for the Waymarks
We Speak of the Realms of the Blest
When Love Shines In
They'll Know We are Christians By Our Love
City Sabbath (Sabbath Song)

December Hymns, 2017
Theme: Christian Hospitality
All hymns for December found: here

Individual Hymns for December:
Make Me a Blessing
Take Your Burdens to the Lord
Hiding in Thee
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Remember the Sabbath to Keep It Holy (Sabbath Song)