Global Prayer Ministries is committed to responsible partnerships and relationships, recognizing that "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another", (Prov. 27:17).  Each one of our partners listed below has a passion to teach prophecy and to heal using the 8 Laws of Health. Each has a personal committment to spreading the 3rd Angel's Message in these last days and each is passionate about what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reveal.  And so it is with joy that we acknowledge our partners and give God thanks for the wealth of resources made available through them.  Please take a moment to visit each one. You may just find what it is you have been looking for. 

Moses Mason: Pastor Mason is a well-known speaker at many different camp meetings and gatherings in the United States. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, he founded "Apocalypse Ministries", whose focus is to teach and share end-time events and Bible prophecy. 

Elder Marlowe Parks: is a national presenter who has founded the "Pasture4HisFlock ministry which teaches present truth as it relates to the third angel message of Revelation 14.  "This message broadens to every aspect of our lives including health reform and country living."   

Drs. Vernon and Sheree  Dawson: Dr. Vernon Dawson has been a Hygenic Practitioner for 30 years. Together, he and his wife Sheree L. Dawson founded "The Voice In The Wilderness Mission". Today, Dr. Dawson spends a large amount of his time lecturing around the country, not only representing God as a physician, but as a minister by the Spirit of God."

Gene and Bernadette Nanton: are the founders of A Better Way Living Lifestyle Center located in a small but spacious, comfortable home on 27 acres in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.  The Center offers a 5 or 10-day lifestyle change program based on the eight natural factors for healthy living: Nutrition, Exercise, Lots of Water, Sunshine, Fresh Air, Temperance, Sleep, and most importantly, trust in God for Divine help.

Pastor Dennis Smith:  Pastor Smith has written books, given seminars, and preached to thousands on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit Ministries has a goal "to help God’s children better understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in the world. Every book written, every seminar presentation, and every sermon preached is aimed at leading the recipient to better understand and experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit in order to be ready for Christ’s soon return."

Sister Polly Cornelius: has been an Allopathic practitioner for over 34 years but has embraced God's laws of health for the past 11 years.  She is the founder of Living Better Being, a ministry that recognizes that the Great Physician has, in His practice, 10 of the best specialized Doctors. Better Living Being is committed to serving humanity through education,counselling and lifestyle changes for better living experiences, recognizing the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of humanity. Since one affected area impacts on another, Living Better Being approaches health preservation and restoration using a wholistic strategy. 

Dr. Magna Parks: is a licensed psychologist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has taught on the university/college level for seven years and was in private practice for 13 years. In January 2007, Dr. Parks and late her husband, Al Parks, (a lifestyle educator trained through Uchee Pines Institute) started an organization called “Be In Good Health.” This ministry allowed the Parks to help others physically, mentally, and spiritually through health seminars, cooking classes, and personal (individual) consultations.  As her husband is now sleeping awaiting Christ’s return, Dr. Parks continues this ministry in various churches and organizations. Her main focus is in the area of mental health. She also conducts workshops on mental health issues that are based on the Bible, inspired writings and “true” science. In addition, she has written two books, “Treating Depression Naturally” and “Christians, Beware: The Dangers of Secular Psychology.” It is her desire to help others achieve optimal health – especially mental health - for this life and to prepare for the “life to come.” For more information on her ministry, you can reach Dr. Parks at

Elder Lew Keith: is Director of Butler Creek Health Education Center and a regular presenter on the Global Prayer Hotline.  BCHEC A live-in lifestyle change program for those seeking victory over depression, stress, smoking, alcohol, drug related dependencies, and lifestyle diseases. Included are hydrotherapy treatments, personal one-on-one counseling, cooking classes, personal fitness plan, and a lecture series on the physiology of change and developing will power.  Programs are tailor-made for each individual guest; beginning and ending dates are flexible.

Rick and Gwen ShorterGwen Shorter partners with her husband Rick in a publishing, health, and music ministry out of California and co-authored Thy Nakedness: Lord, what shall I wear? and Jewelry: The Spiritualism Connection. She has been a featured speaker at the General Youth Conference and has also served as a medical missionary worker. She is the Women’s Ministry Leader for the Central Filipino Church and the Director of the Southern California Connection Prayer Line Ministry. Once a model, actress, and R&B singer, Gwen gave her heart to Jesus more than 40 years ago and never looked backed, dedicating her life to forwarding the cause of Christ and drawing attention to the standards and lifestyle promoted in Scripture.