The Roots of Health Reform

The history of the Advent movement has been characterized by a dual ministry. Health and temperance work has always been a part of world evangelism. Many important reforms in healthful living are recognized as being closely interwoven with the Advent gospel message. Pointing the way to a full observance of God’s law has included the recognition of the laws of health.-- CME, p.5.

I can see in the Lord's providences that the medical missionary work is to be a great entering wedge, whereby the diseased soul may be reached.--Counsels on Health, p. 535.

The principles of health reform are found in the Word of God. The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the Word. It is the Lord's design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great efforts to proclaim the gospel message.--Medical Ministry, p. 259.

Medical missionary work is the right hand of the gospel. It is necessary to the advancement of the cause of God. As through it men and women are led to see the importance of right habits of living, the saving power of the truth will be made known. Every city is to be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work. As the right hand of the third angel’s message, God’s methods of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of present truth.                                                  --Testimonies for the Church 7, p.59.